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CrossFit Buff is located in Lafayette, Colorado. As a fitness facility, CrossFit Buff has an all inclusive approach to health; it integrates the goals of CrossFit’s functional movements at high intensity, while also providing an environment for education and personal growth in a community setting. The primary service provided by CrossFit Buff is group fitness classes, but we offer many other services including, but not limited to, personal training, specialized programs, nutrition counseling and community events.

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CrossFit Class In Lafayette

Women’s Bootcamp

Calling all women! Have you been looking for a workout routine to help you get in shape, lose weight or just keep up with your kids? Our Womens Only Bootcamp program will consist of high energy workouts that will be designed to help you get in shape, tone up and have more energy.

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303 Barbell – Personal Training

Sometimes you need personalized attention to your goals. At 303BB we have the most experienced and educated trainers and coaches in the area.Applying the principles of Exercise Science and proper Nutrition our trainers take an individualized approach with each new client. You can expect a training program and nutrition advice that works for YOU, not some cookie cutter approach to training. Personal training is one of our most popular training options at 303BB, it’s well worth the investment in your health and performance.

303 Barbell – Sports Specific Training

Our Sports Performance program is the flagship training program at 303BB. We have two options; private sports performance and group training/camps. Form follows function. At 303BB we take pride in our training philosophy; the bigger, faster, and more powerful athletes tend to walk off the battle field victorious. You will not make improvements to these key performance markers without putting the time in the gym. We have successfully put many athletes through varsity high school sports and into scholarship positions at Division 1 and 2 programs. With a scientific approach to training that demands intensity, hard work and safety for the athlete. They will have no choice but to succeed at their respective sports.


CrossFit Buffs yoga classes welcome everyone with open arms. Our yoga classes are great for athletes who have never stepped onto a yoga mat before, as well as the steady yoga practitioner. Classes are all levels and accessible to all. $5 for members and $10 for non members.

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